Break your Bad health habits and turn them around in 21 DAYS!!!

How would you like to be a part of the 21 DAY break the bad habits fitness and nutrition program for only $21?


My name is Tim Leposa owner of Fit for Living. My goals in life are to see people make life changing results!
In my 6 years experience as a trainer and nutrition coach I have had the privilege to see hundreds of people’s lives transformed.

If your somebody who need to break bad habits and get into a better routine for your health and fitness, then I strongly recommend being a part of the “21 DAY BREAK THE BAD HABITS PROGRAM”

Are you one of those people who thinks about making a change but doesn’t? Take this great opportunity now and don’t put things off anymore.

So what are the details???

  • It’s a group training program designed for all fitness levels (you will be working at your own pace)
  • Sessions are run on Mon, Wed nights at 5.30 or 6.30pm, and Tues, Thurs 6.30am!
  • Attend as many sessions as you like over the 21 DAYS (3 weeks)
  • You will receive a 21 Day Nutrition program that will help break bad habits and speed metabolism.
  • You will be sent a conformation email upon signing
  • Cost: Only $21!!! (bring 2 friends and get a week extra free)
  • Offer lasts until Dec 24th, 2011

How do you get started?

  • SIMPLE, either call Fit For Living on 52238934 or email
  • Make a bank transfer with your name to Timothy Leposa, BSB: 063 504, ACC num: 1040 4382 or bring your money to the first session
  • That’s it!!! Then you will receive conformation on your first session details!

I hope to be helping you make NEW great health and Fitness habits too!!!
Yours in Fitness and Health,
Tim Leposa