Why am I not losing weight?

Sorry!!! It’s been a long time between blogs!

Thought I would answer this question that has come up a couple of times recently:

I am doing heaps of training but not losing any weight! Why aren’t I losing weight?

  1. First thing you need to know that there are a few variables to weight loss. One of them is stabilizing your blood sugar levels. We do this through eating low energy carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

The other contributing factor is energy in vs energy out! You see, our bodies use up energy every day and how much we consume will depend on how much muscle we have, our age and a few other contributors. The goal is to consume less energy than we actually use. This will mean the body will use our fat stores for extra energy. BONUS!!!

There are tons of online calculators out there to help determine your caloric needs. This will be a good start to then planning to get the right amount of calories in your diet; keeping in mind that your carbohydrates should be predominately low energy carbohydrates.

Another reason why people will plateau is they are exercising too much and not eating enough! I see this in people who get gym memberships and group training. Doing the exercise is only a small portion that will contribute to your fat loss results. Nothing wrong with exercising lots but you need to make sure that you get the right amount of calories back into your diet!

Hope that has helped shed a bit of light.

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