Self Checklist

Here is a great self checklist for changing your body shape and achieving optimal health!

1. How many intense workouts did you complete last week?
2. How many meals have you consumed today? When did you last eat?
3. Did each meal contain a complete protein source?
4. How many of your meals contain vegetables?
5. What do you eat after a workout?
6. Where do essential fats come from in your diet?
7. How much water (or other zero-energy drinks) have you consumed today?
8. How many different nutritious meals could you prepare in your kitchen in less than
5 minutes?
9. What is your fitness/physique goal that keeps you focused and on track?
10. Have you worked out what body type you have?
11. Have you determined your caloric needs?
12. Are you getting the right balance of macronutrients for optimal health?

Sometimes doing all these things can get overwhelming.
Our local Geelong grown personal trainers are trained to help you stay accountable to the rules of success!
If you live in Geelong and you haven’t experienced personal training or even if you have had a personal trainer and didn’t get the results you can sit down to talk to one of our Awesome trainers to talk about how we can help you stay accountable to your goals!
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