An important key to any goal for body change

One of the things that excites me to see in my personal training clients, is not seeing them training hard (although that does matter). It’s seeing them change their eating habits!

One of the biggest keys to doing this is planning and preparation. It’s great to have the knowledge of what to eat to change your body shape but if that food doesn’t go in your mouth the changes won’t happen.

If you want to put the right things in your mouth then planning your meals ahead of time so they are ready to eat when it’s time to eat is detrimental to getting results!

There are so many people that do boot camps and group training because they want results. They want to change their body. They often neglect getting the right nutrition and don’t really get fantastic results.

After 7 years of being a personal fitness trainer and running lots of boot camps, group training and doing a heap of personal fitness training with clients I know what it takes to see somebody get results!

We run a great group fitness training program here in Geelong called Targeted Fat Loss Fitness. It’s not your regular group training or boot camp program. We pay a lot of emphasis on educating our clients with nutrition education and keep them accountable with various tools to ensure they are getting the best results possible from there program.

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