Exercises for mums with babies

Hey mums! Wanting to get back that pre baby body?
Are you finding it hard to exercise as you are always looking after the baby?
Why not incorporate some training with the baby!

These exercises can be done three times a week with your baby. It
works all of the major muscles in the body, and gives you another way
to bond and have fun with bub! These exercises can be done at home or
at a park.
For all the Geelong locals this is a great alternative if you can’t
get to a mum’s group training program or to the local gym.
We do run a class for all mum’s called active mums group training. You can check
it out here. It’s excellent if you like group fitness or boot camps or just being around other like
minded mums.

Mums with bubs Exercise Program
Equipment: Baby and you!

Baby Squat
As you squat down, extend your arms out in front. Then, as you stand
up, bring bubs in close for a kiss.
>> 2 sets, 12-15 rep

Place your baby on the ground, get on your knees – or toes if you’re
feeling super strong – and each time you lower yourself for a pushup,
give bubs another kiss.
>> 2 sets, 12-15 reps

Bicep Baby Curls
Instead of using dumbbells, try standing up with a straight back, lower
your baby and then curl your arms back up again.
>> 2 sets, 12-15 reps

Begin by holding the baby close to your chest, then lunge – either
keeping bubs close or extending your arms if you want more of an
overload for the shoulders and lower back. This can be a tough
exercise, so just work to your capacity.

>> 2 sets, 12-15 reps

Plank above baby
Hold a perfect plank over your baby for as long as you can on your toes,
and then drop down to your knees (note to self: don’t fall flat!) before
rolling off to the side.
>> 2 sets, for as long as you can hold the plank
Just make sure when you are doing this program that your pelvic floor
and core muscles are fully engaged – just like they should be before you
pick up anything!

By practicing these exercises often and with your core switched on,
you’ll be training your stomach muscles to turn on during everyday
activity. Good core strength can help prevent back pain and you should
find with practice it will start to automatically engage when you bend
down to pick up your baby, their toys, or anything else that requires
bending down!
If you want something a bit more advanced or as I mentioned before
would like to do some group fitness training with other mums then
come along for a free trial to active mums >> http://fitforliving.com.au/
Email us info AT fitforliving DOT com DOT au