Personal Training

Hey gang! Tim Leposa here talking about Personal fitness training today.

Is Personal fitness training in Geelong becoming a craze? Over the past 8 years Geelong has had a craze of Personal fitness trainers in Geelong!

When I started out as a trainer over 7 years ago Personal fitness trainers  were very few in number. Since then we have had a craze of them jumping on board and getting their qualifications.

Good news is that the government funding has been cut so those that are qualified these days will be ones that are serious about being a great personal trainer and making a difference in the Geelong community.

So what kind of things should you be looking for when looking for a trainer. What are their specialties? Do they specialize in weight loss, group fitness, boot camps, ladies boot camps, mums fitness, sports specific training, nutrition coaching?

It’s important you find somebody that specializes in the area of what your goals are!

Another thing to look for is do they have a team of professionals they work with to get the client the goal they want?

I’m happy to say at Fit For Living Personal Fitness Training and Nutrition we offer a range of services and work closely with other professionals to help people achieve their goals.

We hire the most personable personal fitness trainers, to ensure our clients are looked after.

If you would like to know more about our services you can visit our website at