Targeted Fat Loss training.

If you are like me I would be hoping you would want to be getting the best return on your Investment from EVERY Workout!

So when you are organizing a workout or looking for a group training or boot camp membership you should first research to see if you will get maximum returns on your effort!

Have you tried Targeted Fat Loss training? To explain what this is, it’s two separate workouts done one after the other to maximize your fat burning capabilities.

First you start with some lactic building circuits. Eg doing squats for 1 min then resting a minute, then doing burpees for a min then resting and so on. This phase will release fat from the fat cells and go into the blood stream and some of it will be later used for energy. If you want to capitalize on this then doing some aerobic training (eg jog or bike ride) afterwards for say 10-20 mins you will then be targeting using the fat for energy that has been released from the fat cells. Pretty cool hey!!!

So if you live in Geelong and you are looking for a boot camp or or group fitness program that is not just fun but has GREAT fat burning workouts then I suggest doing a trial at Fit For Living’s Targeted Fat Loss Fitness group Fitness sessions. Here’s a link to for more details and to get a free trial >> Group Training