Truth About Carbs

There is so much confusion these days on should we eat carbs and if so how much and which kind.

When I first became Personal trainer in Geelong I was taught that we should eat a high protein and low carb diet if you were wanting to lose weight. Well it wasn’t until I did my own research that ¬†I found that this was a myth. Did you know that ¬†according to the USDA and other viable sources our RDI of protein should be around 15% protein, 65% carbs and the rest fats. I found this to be true by looking at the groups of the longest living people in the world live on this ratio of food. They not only live long but they are healthy and stay lean.

When making your carbohydrate choices though you should make the right choices. Eat lots of veggies, fruits, and some whole grains.
Try avoid sugary and processed carbs and this will be a great start to getting the body you want!