5 Steps to Achieving your Health and Fitness Goals!

You may have tried different programs like Personal training, boot camps, group training weight loss programs and more. The truth is you need to take a holistic approach.

Here’s a great formula for achieving your health and fitness goals!

1) Define your goals
– Know what you want (goals)
– Know why the goals are important to you! (Motivation)
– Be a 10 out of 10 in commitment

2) Evaluation
– body fat percentages
– measurements
– photos
– nutrition assessments
– workout assessments

3) Design your program

–Nutrition-the foundation of all health and fitness

–Supplementation-to fill in the voids in your nutritional program

–Resistance Training-increase lean muscle mass and metabolism

–Cardiovascular Exercise-optimize fat burning

–Flexibility-to prevent injury, promote recovery

–Coaching-knowledge, support, and accountability
4) Impliment the program
– create a program based around your goals.
– Take action
– have someone keep you accountable

5) Assess your goals
– on a monthly basis repeat your evaluation
– find out what your challenges are
– find out what your successes are
– find ways to to continue to improve your program