Becoming a Personal Trainer in Geelong

Hey there folks!

So I thought maybe it would be cool to share a little bit of my testimony on why I became a Personal trainer in Geelong!

Well for starters I was already living in Geelong when I made the choice to become one. It was 2005 when I was training at a gym and noticed a girl instructing someone through a full workout. So I though what is she doing and what is she? Is she a sports coach or a gym instructor, and if she was normally an instructor wouldn’t go into that much detail with a gym member. So I asked her what’s your job. She said “I’m a Personal Fitness trainer.  I help people get the results they want.”  I was like, cool! I think this is something I would  love to do! I had been going through life before this just doing all jobs I hated, when really my passion was in people, educating myself and educating others, plus I loved sports and exercise. So I  thought well Personal Fitness training sounds like the ultimate job to fit my passion! So I  quit my current job and got straight into PT starting my business which is still called Fit For  Living. The motto of Fit For Living is “Living the life”

I’m happy to say that since I started as a PT I have been blessed with the privilege to  inspire stacks of people to live a healthy and happy life!

I hope you will also one day find a career that you are passionate about.

PS: If you haven’t seen what Fit For Living is doing these days then check out our website  at

Dedicated to your results,
Tim Leposa