Geelong Personal Training blog: Poison in our meat

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Today I want to share something from Professor Walter Veith who I think is one of the world’s health experts!

A lot of us are becoming more and more health conscious these days and we want all of our hard training to compliment our diet if we are looking for optimal health!

Have a look at what Walter has to say about the meat farming industry!

Current farming techniques and animal husbandry are focused on conserving energy and building profit. But since the way meat is being made totally changes the meat itself, very few animals can still be considered clean for humans to eat.

Unfortunately, human and animal health is usually overshadowed by the desire for production and profit. For example, in the poultry industry, chickens are housed in cramped cages. They are kept in dimly lit and stuffy buildings. These unhealthy conditions are designed to prevent the animal from wasting any energy on movement such as walking. All of the animal’s energy is to be put into growing.

The chickens are fed carcass meal, bone meal, and even the remains of previously slaughtered poultry. To prevent infection or disease from these cannibalistic meals, the chickens are also fed antibiotics and chemicals, as well as growth stimulants and digestion-aiding enzymes.

This artificial environment increases growth and decreases how much food each chicken needs. Under modern conditions, a chicken can grow from 35 grams to 1.5 kilograms in just six weeks, with only 3.5 kilograms of feed. In the past, that same chicken would have needed 17 kilograms of feed to reach that mass.

Modern poultry can grow exceptionally fast and large. However, these chickens have severely underdeveloped immune systems and internal organs. Because chickens produced in these conditions cannot defend themselves against disease, they must be raised in a virtually sterile environment to prevent sickness and death.

The problem doesn’t end with sick chickens. The manure from this poultry is processed into feed for cattle and sheep. All the chemicals, enzymes, antibiotics and lethal doses of growth stimulants that the chickens were fed are passed to these animals. We then consume meat and dairy products, ingesting these chemicals into our bodies.

This process has left a legacy of drug-resistant bacteria and increased cases of food poisoning worldwide. Already, bacterial respiratory infections and diarrhea have been identified as two of the top killers in the world today. People are dying around the world from diseases caused by poisoned meats and diary products.

Source: Poisoned Meats, by Walter J. Veith, Phd May 27 2009

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