Can your personal trainer really help with health and weight?

Hey there folks! Tim Leposa here from Geelong’s Fit For Living Personal Training and Nutrition!

In today’s blog I wanted to share something I really passionate about!…… I’m really interested in people’s health!  Most people come to us wanting changes to their body so they can look good, but when you dig a little deeper they want an overall better quality of life and optimal health. Question is though; can a personal trainer really help with this???

In a short answer… YES!! I do believe though that Personal trainers need to work together with other health professionals to do this. Let’s take someone with depression. They need help with, nutrition, exercise planning, motivation to exercise, mindset coaching. So this is where a trainer could work with a Doctor, Naturopath, and Behavioural therapist.

We all need to work together in the goal of helping people with optimal health. So the next time you look for a Personal Trainer  find out if they work with other professionals to help reach your goals! I know at fit For Living we do!

Dedicated to your health,

Tim Leposa


Fit For Living Personal Training and Nutrition