Change your mindset, change your body!

1)  Why? Why not?

With out a strong enough reason why you want to change something (eg your weight) you will find it hard to make long lasting changes. Be clear on the reason why you want to change something, write it down!

An example of a strong why would be, I want to be able to run around with my kids without getting puffed out or embarrassed about other people watching me be so unfit, I want my husband to think I am attractive and to rekindle our marriage, I want to be preventing disease with the foods I eat and not have diabetes because I am so overweight.

Why not…. ask yourself why have I not made the changes I want. WHAT HAVE I been doing to stop me from achieving. What barriers am I putting up? Have I been self sabotaging or am I scared of failure. Sometimes we have our own internal dialogue that stops us from getting what we really want. Put the past behind and think of your reason why!

2)  Self care is not selfish

Some people focus Soooo much on everyone else and forget about themselves. Don’t get me wrong, you get true happiness from helping others, but you need to help yourself and look after yourself so you can serve others better. So self care is not selfish.

3)  Choice not chance

Don’t let life just pass you by. Work on your life. You get to make the choices. Practice saying I chose…… (insert what you want) eg, I chose to drive pass Mcdonalds and not pull in, I chose not to drink alcohol every time someone offers me a drink

Have an I CAN do attitude not I can’t! Cut can’t out of your vocabulary as it’s negative connotations will make you NOT do things.

4) Living not dieting!

If you are trying to change your weight, health and or performance treat is a lifestyle choice. If you know these things ultimately make you feel better and give you a better quality of life, then make them a lifestyle choice not a fad diet that may give you pleasure momentarily. Chose GREAT lifestyle choices not diets.

5) Love not war!

Saying words like I want to fight fat or combat weight etc sets up a physiological resistance; rather, chose words that are positive. Rather say I want to look Great, I want to feel good when I climb Mt Everest! Think positively and speak positively.

6) Look through the eyes of Love

Have gratitude not attitude. The more you love others and yourself the more successful you will be in life. Having a bad attitude will rot your health away. Think about things that are lovely and be loving.

7) Direction not perfection.

It’s a journey to keep moving forward in the right direction not being perfect.

I love this quote by Vincent Van Gogh “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

So don’t stress if you don’t get everything right on day 1! Keep plotting away by biting off bite size pieces and getting small actions right. For example, You may need to get rid of sugar, alcohol, coffee, chips, white bread form your lifestyle. If you can’t give it all up at once try cutting out one thing a week. Eventually you will get to the point you want to be if you keep on moving forward making progressive changes.

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