What foods should you eat to lose weight and have optimal health?

In my 9 years as a personal trainer in Geelong I have trained and coached many people! Almost 90% of my Personal training clients have a goal to lose weight. I like to educate people that if their goal is to lose weight that they should also do it safely and aim to have optimal health while doing it. Problem is what principles do you follow? There are so many different methods out there and not all of them will give you optimal health even if they do help you lose weight.
So what kind of foods should you eat and what scientific research is there for it? Well in my 9 years of study as a Personal trainer and nutrition coach I have looked at a range of different diets and lifestyles of people. The study I have seen to be the most compelling is the study on the blue zones. This study shows who the longest living people in the world are but not just longest living but the healthiest that have the smallest amount of sickness and disease.
These groups of people are:
  • The Italian island of Sardinia
  • Okinawa, Japan
  • Loma Linda, Seventh Day Adventists in California
  • Costa Rica’s isolated Nicoya Peninsula
  • Ikaria, an isolated Greek island
Along with their diet the thing most of them they had in common were they were very family and community orientated, they got out in Sunshine, they had proper rest and were Spiritual.
Their diets are very rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts, seeds and little to no meat, dairy, alcohol and cigarettes. Another common thing was they had a lower calorie diet combined with plenty of exercises.
Hope we can take a leaf out of their book.
Yours in health,
Tim Leposa
Fit For Living