Geelong Personal Trainer 7 hot weight loss tips

It’s been almost 10 years that I have been a personal trainer in Geelong. One of the reasons I got into personal training and became a personal trainer was because I was passionate about helping people get the most out of life!

I think you and me both know that if you are fitter and leaner you can enjoy life a lot more! There are so many more things in life you can do!

Losing weight seems to be a big issue in Geelong! So I wanted to shed some light on the subject to help my fellow Geelong peeps by sharing some simple tips.

Tip # 1 (and these are in no particular order)
Avoid or minimise sugary foods. I know most of you know this already but it’s amazing how many people still overload on sugar!

Tip # 2
When it comes to carbs, eat mainly low GI carbs such as fruits, whole grains, veggies, nuts & legumes.

Tip # 3
Put less calories in your body then what you burn. OK so to know how to do this you need to know how many calories you burn first. Jump on goofy and search for calorie calculator and you will get a rough estimate on what you burn based on your weight. Knowing how many calories you put in obviously takes a bit of hard work reading food labels or measuring out what you are eating etc. In our Personal Fitness Training program we actually cut out all the guess work for you by working out your exact requirements and put together meal plans for you. You can find out more about our Geelong and Leopold Personal Training Programs at our website

Tip # 4
Do resistance training and cardio training. Building lean muscle helps burn fat and so does cardio. Think we all know that exercise helps in losing weight! People who exercise are also more likely to stick to a good healthy eating routine

Tip # 5
Know your “Why”.
What’s your purpose for wanting to lose weight in the first place? Be really clear on your motivation as this will be the key to keep you sticking to your exercise and nutrition plan!

Tip # 6
Keep a food log.
This will help you see where you are going wrong and right and is also useful to make changes to your diet if things aren’t changing.

Tip # 7
Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a pauper.
Breakfast time is when your metabolism works well to burn up extra energy so get some more in to help you get through the day. Taper your meals off throughout the rest of the day as your energy requirements become less. Late night eating is bad for your digestive system and will lead to extra fat stored.

Hope that’s helped!

If you need any other support you can book in for a free consultation from our website or download our free weight loss report.

Dedicated to your health,

Tim Leposa
Fit For Living Personal Training Geelong