Fit For Living weekend workout

Hey Geelong peeps!

Here’s a great workout challenge for you to do either on the weekend or any day of the week!

Jump Pull Push Bodyweight Challenge:

Timed set: Record the total time it takes to complete this workout.
Equipment: Timer
Rules of the test:
Let’s combine three moves done in a count down, count up
fashion. You can take the time needed to complete the total test. Obviously,
you will rest as little as possible during the test. If you modify the
exercises, it needs to be noted.

Here are the exercises:
burpees 10 to 1 rep
pull up 1 to 10 reps
10 push ups
Here’s an example of the first two sets:
1a- 10 burpees
1b – 1 pull up
1c – 10 push ups
2a- 9 burpees
2b – 2 pull ups
2c – 10 push ups
Continue this pattern until this is your last set:
10a – burpee
10b – 10 pull ups
10c – 10 push ups

*If you haven’t mastered the pull up, feel free to do an assisted pull up, an
inverted bodyweight row or DB row’s (but make note of this). Burpees can be
swapped out for full body extensions, or a modified burpee.

Training Variation:
Do the set in count DOWN fashion.

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