Geelong weight loss Bootcamp

Hey folks!

Are you constantly fighting the weight gain battle? It’s time to declare war in Geelong to fight it! It’s time to gather the troops for bootcamp!

Have you noticed how many Personal Trainers and, gyms, bootcamps and other group training programs there are in Geelong?….. HEAPS! Yet the epidemic continues. Why???

I’ll try shed some light on the subject. Studies have revealed that over 90% of people who go on weight loss diets actually end up putting on more weight then when they started. Yes they may be able to lose the weight but they go and put it back on again. Maybe there needs to be a mind shift. If we focused on health we may get better results. When people associate eating or training for weight loss they do it as a quick fix. When eating and exercising for health it’s easier to get into the habit of exercising and eating right because health is something you would want to have forever. Losing weight also falls under the category of health anyway. So if we focused on health then we would be in a better mindset to lose weight to!

Achieving optimal health is a lifetime journey of studying how to do it. Seeking professional advice will help speed the process.

Bootcamps seem to have been popular over the years for people to try and lose weight. At Fit For Living we have something even better! Something that doesn’t focus on just short term results but ongoing health and fitness. Check out our Geelong group training program

Dedicated to your health,

Tim Leposa

Fit For Living