Personal Training for Older Adults

Every day every hour and every minute we are getting older believe it or not! I’m sure you already knew that, but did you know that after the age of thirty we start to lose muscle! Apart from looking good, why would we want to keep muscle? I’ll give you just a couple of the many reasons: It helps strengthen our joints, it improves our immune system, improves balance and posture and it even helps mental health. The GOOD news is that if we continue doing resistance training after the age of 30 we can still maintain our muscle as well as grow even more.

Building muscle has a science to it though, so when you are doing your personal training or if you have a personal trainer, you or your trainer should know how to perform correct technique, know the frequency of sets, reps, days and splits for your muscle building program. If you are serious about getting results then you can find out more about how Fit For Living’s Geelong Personal Trainers work with their clients.

According to studies from the US college of sports medicine for further improvements in strength and hypertrophy in older adults, the use of both multiple- and single-joint exercises (free weights and machines) with a slow-to-moderate lifting velocity, for 1–3 sets per exercise with 60–80% of 1 Rep max for 8–12 repetitions with 1–3 min of rest in between sets for 2–3 days per week is recommended.

Increasing power in healthy older adults include: 1) training to improve muscular strength, and 2) the performance of both single- and multiple-joint exercises for 1–3 sets per exercise using light to moderate loading (30–60% of 1 RM) for 6–10 repetitions with high repetition velocity.
 Similar recommendations may apply to older adults as young adults, e.g., low to moderate loads performed for moderate to high repetitions (10–15 or more) for enhancing muscular endurance.

So whether you are 30 or 80 resistance training is going to be beneficial to you and even more beneficial if done in the correct way.

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