Fit For Living’s Geelong Personal Trainer wins VIC Strong Man Competition

I’m proud to be writing this blog today! We have a great team at Fit For Living Personal Fitness Training Geelong! We are privileged enough to have several Amazing Personal Trainers, but today I wanted to give special mention to Vernon Van Vanschalkwyk! Vernon (one of our Personal Fitness Trainers) entered his first strong man competition and was determined to win it and guess what???…. HE DID!!!

Vernon lifting weight

So I want to take this opportunity to publicly congratulate Vernon on his determination, strong mindset, and ability to execute the actions needed for the goals he set forth! Well done mate!

Getting results like Vernon did doesn’t just come naturally. It takes having a strong desire to want to achieve something, being clear on what your goals are and then being 100% committed to achieving that goal! Hopefully this can be a good lesson learnt for anyone reading this blog today.

If you have somewhat of a goal and there is something inside of you that’s driving you to want to achieve that goal but you don’t quite have the knowledge and tools to achieve it, then maybe it’s time you put it into someone else’s hands. The Personal Fitness Trainers at Fit For Living are all high achievers and great at setting goals and putting together the plans to help you achieve them. So if you need that support, motivation, knowledge and accountability, feel free to contact one of our team to book in a consultation to find out more about how we can help you.

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Dedicated to your health!
Tim Leposa,

Manager, Fit For Living