7 Must Do Tips from a Personal Trainer For Achieving Your Health and Fitness Goals

Today I’m giving you 7 tips a Personal Trainer would recommend for their clients to do:

  • Tip 1)  Be clear on what your motivation is for wanting to take on a health and fitness related goal.
  • Tip 2)  Set goals that are very clear.  Be specific, have a clear way to measure them, make it achievable but something that will stretch you, make sure it’s realistic and put a timeline on when you want to achieve them.
  • Tip 3)  Be committed to your goal.
  • Tip 4)  Put together the action plan to help you achieve the goals set out.  Seek professional advice from a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist or any other people that you think will be able to help you with your goal.
  • Tip 5)  You will always here this from a Personal Trainer: “How did your meals go this week?”  So next Tip is get your food right at least 90% of the time.
  • Tip 6)  Plan out your training days for the week and stick to them.  If you miss a session reschedule it and make it up.
  • Tip 7)  Get social support.  Inform others of what you are doing so that they will help you with your journey instead of being a stumbling block instead.

So there you have it! If you are looking for more of a detailed plan and motivation and accountability and you live in the Geelong area then book in a free consultation with one of our expert Geelong Personal trainers.

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