Group Fitness Training with a Strong Purpose

Have you attended group fitness training classes or boot camp sessions in the past where you haven’t known what the purpose of the session was?  It’s important to have classes that have a strong focus on what they are trying to achieve so that the time you spend there is productive!

At Fit For Living we have just introduced a new group training class called “Core and Mobility”.

The purpose of this class is to help people with their overall range of movement (this could mean during exercise, movements such as being able to lift their hands over their head without pain or restriction; be able to squat down low, or anything related to getting maximum range).

We also focus on core work as well!

What is the core?  The core is an important part of the body to work as it is the centre of where our strength comes from for most of our movements.  A strong healthy core can keep you injury free in your training, and alleviate back pain.  A strong and lean core also means nice looking which most of us love!

So if you are looking for a group training class that has purpose, make sure you learn as much as you can about the class and what it’s purpose actually is to see if it is something that’s going to give YOU maximum benefit for the time you use.

To find out more about Fit For Living’s group classes go to our website