Fit for Living Stars!

We like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our clients each month, and although it’s always difficult to choose because everyone does so well, we have some that really stand out for their amazing results and efforts!  Let’s introduce some of them:

Tye, September Member of the Month!

Personal training client results

In a short 16 weeks Tye lost 22kgs, increased his energy levels and dedicated to eating well to achieving his goals! His trainer Vernon pushed him to his limits to help maximise his strength and fitness levels.  Well done Tye! Great results!!







Lachlan, August MOTM

Personal Training client results

Lachlan has been inspirational not only this month, but ever since he started training  with Fit for Living a few months ago!  He never misses a training session and gives his training 100% with a smile on his face!







Allan, July MOTM

Personal training client results

“What motivated me to start a program was that I had been putting so much of my time into work, family and friends that I had been ignoring my own health and wellbeing.  My original target (in joining Fit for Living) was driven purely by weight loss, but now I really enjoy strength training and trying to improve my numbers on the PB board.

These days I’m much fitter and definitely stronger – I feel healthier, I sleep better, I have more energy and (at the risk of sounding conceited) I think I look better too!   Vernon and I get along really well – he knows what I am capable of (much better than I do) and he is very good at pushing me to make sure I work hard to get the best results.
For anyone sitting on the fence, I’d say go for it. I was surprised how quickly and how much I began to enjoy my sessions, a sentiment I’ve heard echoed by other clients.”


Bianca, June MOTM

Personal training results

“Before joining Fit for Living I had a hand and forearm injury for 8 years that took a big toll on me physically and mentally.  I could not participate in sports or activities, I lost my confidence and motivation, and have been in and out of work because of it. Then my best friend brought me a Fit for Living program and gave me the motivation and encouragement I was lacking for 8 years.  Now I play sport 3 times a week and do PT sessions 2-3 days a week, because of her and the Fit for Living crew.

I have trained with Nathan, Tim and Genna and between all 3 of them I have achieved more than what I thought I was capable of, which is exactly what I wanted out of joining Fit for Living.

I have dropped massive cm’s over my total body (ie. hips 96cm – 83cm) and gained muscle and fitness that allow me to do everything I’m doing right now.  I started at 64.8 kg and I weigh in now at 57kg.  To anyone who is sitting on the fence and considering joining, I say just do it, no excuses.  It is hard work but the result will make you feel unstoppable!”