How to Survive Run Geelong

Your partner or your mates talked you into Run Geelong. Or maybe you just want to support the hospital. Good for you!  But the problem is you haven’t run since school.

Where to begin?

How to prep so don’t fall on your face?

Here’s advice from the staff at Fit For Living to help you out.

2 Months Ahead

Ideally, you’ll start training now. A progressive running and strength programme will prepare your body for the event. The conditioning will keep all those bones, ligaments, and joints supported to avoid injury. You’ll also maximise your running strength and endurance.

Here’s a running programme from Runner’s World. We at Fit For Living can also provide a tailored plan and coaching.

Morning of Race

Eating right will keep you from running out of steam during Run Geelong. Up to four hours prior, get a meal higher in low GI carbs, such as oats, fruits, brown rice, or cereal. Keep the fibre, fats, and protein fairly low to avoid a full stomach during the race.

If you get hungry again before the event, eat a snack of the same sort, or even liquid carbs. Keep your electrolytes up with sports drinks or coconut water.

Get warmed up minutes before the race with simple walking and maybe some dynamic stretches.

During the Race

Pace yourself for the first km. Don’t go too flat out until you get a rhythm to work out what you can handle. Then bump it up if you can.

After the Race

Walk around a bit to catch your breath and drink some water, sports drinks, or coconut water. Before you cool down all the way, stretch sore muscles with static stretches, at least 1-2 minutes per body part.

Afterwards, eat a meal with a mix of protein and carbs: about 0.5 g protein and 1.0 g carbs per kg of your body weight. Get some high GI carbs in with that for a good insulin spike. That’ll get nutrients from your foods quickly into your muscles.

Good Luck!

Follow the above advice and you’ll finish and enjoy Run Geelong. Congratulations on taking a step toward healthier living.

Finally, I want to give a shoutout to the Cotton On Group for their excellent and generous Run Australia initiative, which organizes Run Geelong and other community races throughout the nation. We at Fit For Living applaud Cotton On’s dedication to Ozzie youth fitness.