What’s happening in Fit for Living Geelong Group Training classes?

What isn’t happening?

The activity and energy levels are currently in a state of elevated flux within the nexus of Geelong’s new premier fitness option, Fit For Living Group Training. It’s erring on the dark side of winter, but within these here walls at Fit For Living, things are downright heating up.

In a nutshell (walnut-shell, most likely), we’re talkin’…

  • 6:15am classes four days a week, each with its own physiological flavour – Circuit Training (v1.0, v2.0 and 3.0), Supersets & Battle Rope HIIT, Hard ‘CORE’ (yep, that’s a little abdominal pun there, sooo…), Hill Sprint Intervals, Boxing, and a swath of alternative metabolic anti-catabolic variations.
  • 28 Day Challenge participants going off! That’s right, the ‘start-whenever-you’re-ready’ 28 Day Challenge is tugging on the heart (quite literally) of a rapidly growing nucleus of four week warriors who are now mixing it with the regular members.
  • Ever expanding floor space to cater for the near maxed out numbers getting in each day. And far from the extra numbers being a detriment…no, no, no…the energy, camaraderie and unity is unmistakingly motivational.
  • Monthly post-training breakfast is served to the Group Training enthusiasts, growing and strengthening the community bonds over a free spread of organic, nutrient dense brekky morsels – fresh fruit, home made muesli, chia pudding, protein
  • New training sessions being rolled out as Group Trainers, Nathanael McEwen (aa) and George Fallaw (mmm), are getting creative and unfurling one methodology after another, fast-tracking the fitness of the Fit For Living members.

Interesting study results printed in the British Journal of Nutrition (2013) demonstrated early morning exercise (before breakfast) to be 20% more effective at burning body fat than training later after a meal.

And this is exactly what’s going on within these four walls.

What’s happening in Fit For Living Geelong Group Training classes?

It’s all happening.

My recommendation – call Tim on 5223 8934 and get involved in a personal 28 Day Challenge. Just four weeks that may well be the rebirth of your health and fitness and, like many before you, change your life for good.