Weight Loss Training Geelong

So, I’ve just finished up training my 6:30am client. She’s lost another 1.3kg this week.

Let me very briefly outline the journey of this great woman. 42 years old, a mother of three, and like millions of other women she was juggling the rigours and rewards of motherhood, marriage and a successful career. And, again, like millions of other women her physical health and wellbeing had been (justifiably) compromised.

Well, no more. At 93kg was determined to make amends on her relatively sedentary adulthood.

So now, after another week of Personal Training and Group Training, alongside some straightforward but clearly effective nutritional strategies, she’s now weighing in at 73.1kg. A hairs breadth away from 20kg lost in the space of around 6 months.

And this is real weight loss. It’s not a fad. It’s not water. It’s life changing. And its permanent. Trust me. Talk to her. This weight is staying off.

Then I reflect on another client, a younger woman, mid-thirties, who at six feet tall always struggled with additional weight. Such a fantastic person, always looking to help others but, in the process, perhaps she’d neglected herself. Similarly, she stood up and said “no more”. So she joined Fit For Living six months ago weighing in at 124kg, and honestly, just last week, for the first time in as long as she can remember, she hit double digits when she weighed in at 99.7kg.

She stepped off the scales and literally took half an hour to just sit at our gym reception area and, with tears in her eyes, reflect on her achievement.

And then I think of my upcoming 12:00pm client. He’s a regular at Fit For Living Group Fitness, but we also train once a week one-on-one, personal training, and get specific on his physical goals. It was the classic ‘Dad-bod’ situation. Mid-forties, running his own business, raising three children with his partner and, with his honourable ‘family first’ mentality, allowed his physique to adopt the culturally familiar shape for most middle-aged men.  

But at 95.8kg, he sought a physique shake-up. The same story. We prescribed sound eating principles and specialised training methodologies, and in a few months he’s now sitting at 87.1kg, knocking on the door of a 10kg weight loss whilst concurrently gaining significant lean muscle mass in the process. And he’s just gettin’ started.

Oh, and by the way. These are real people. They’re not made up for the sake of a good story. And they’re just a snapshot of the outcomes we regularly see at Fit For Living.

So it would be remiss of me to not ask you a question.

Do these stories, these people, remind you of you?

Man, we love helping people. That is, no doubt, our number one goal. Weight loss, injury prevention, rehabilitation, physique transformation, strength gains, athletic development…we’re here to help.

So just name it, and we’ll get you there.