Top 3 Gym’s in Geelong 2018!

In over twenty years of training, I’ve trained at a lot of gyms. Some great, some terrible, and some downright weird.

From the flamboyant and glamorous gyms of Venice Beach and Mexico City, to the rustic and rusty gyms of Jerusalem and the Galapagos Islands. I’ve had the opportunity to train in gyms in Peru, Brazil, Tel Aviv, Tanzania and quite literally, the list goes on.

Perhaps my favourite experience was in Zimbabwe, where I searched and found a hidden gym off the beaten sandy path which, as I began noticing shower faucets and random hand basins amongst the equipment, I realised was actually a gym converted toilet block. The hot African sun had essentially melted tar and grime between the plates, meaning whilst you might select four plates on a Cable Face Pull, you’ll end of pulling six, as they randomly stuck together with their mystery adhesive ‘clag’.

Back in Australia, I’ve trained at some quality gyms across Melbourne, and right at home, here in Geelong, there are establishments that too have served me well in my physical pursuits.

But there are some duds as well. Not mentioning any names, but gym’s that are too shiny, have too many mirrors and play pre-adolescent pop drive me crazy.


Gym’s must be a sanctuary.


They need to be a refuge, not only for the body, but more importantly, for the mind. Indeed, if envisioned correctly, a gym can be a place for the soul.

In stark contrast to the gym’s that I’ve traditionally trained at, I’ve recently stumbled across Fit For Living. The name immediately had me asking questions. Questions like “is this a gym, or the studios of the Oprah show?” “Can I lift weights, or do I have listen to Tony Robbins podcasts whilst balancing on a bosu ball?”

Turns out – no bosu, no Oprah and no Tony.

Turns out, it’s a legit gym. It might even be the legit gym. Fit For Living stands for something. It’s a genuine environment to optimise all facets of life – physical, mental, psychological, social and yep, even spiritual.

There are no mirrors in sight. None. You don’t need to stare at yourself each time you train, or fend off prying eyes of other members.

The music doesn’t sound like a 12 year olds Timezone party or bring bring back haunting memories of being caught in an underground club at 3am.

And the people in this environment are key.

Both trainers, jam-packed with tertiary qualifications, and the members are actually here to help, support, train hard, encourage, push, hold account, educate, inspire and live optimally.

The community, the network, the collegial camaraderie of work ethic and thus, result and progress is huge.

It’s likely one of the things that caught the eye of the official assessors from who awarded Fit For Living a ‘Top 3 Gyms in Geelong’ status for the second consecutive year (2017-2018)!

The thorough 50-point inspection took into account Reputation, History, Ratings, Satisfaction, Trust, Cost and General Excellence!


Yep, I’ve trained at an amazing range of gyms around the world, and while I still personally love the grungy, secretive and obscure facilities in uncharted parts of the globe, (I never thought I’d say it) it’s Fit For Living that I see as the nearest thing to the complete package of what a gym should provide.