Activewear Guide For Your Body Type According to Geelong Personal Trainers

Activewear Guide For Your Body Type According to Geelong Personal Trainers


There are many things you need to prepare to get the best workout possible. These include water to hydrate yourself during the exercise, a pair of reliable shoes to enhance performance, a positive mindset, and some quality activewear to fit your body type. Whether you’re aiming for weight loss or muscle toning, it’s essential to be comfortable with your clothing.


Geelong personal trainers emphasise that people come in different shapes and sizes. So, it’s essential to understand your own body type to find the right activewear for you.


A fitness expert from Direct Appliance Rentals, Karina Wolfin says, “Opting for activewear that is too big or too small may only cause you discomfort and discourage you from working out efficiently. You should make sure that it is breathable and is the perfect fit. Also, make your fitness regimen and the season a big consideration.”


We talked to some personal fitness trainers and here are their tips on finding the best activewear for your body type:



If you have an old Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe type of figure with a narrow waist and a hip-bust circumference that are almost equal, opt for activewear that lets your curves be free.


A classic crop top is recommended for accentuating your curves for both comfort and aesthetics. Such activewear will balance the bust and hips and allow smooth movement while flattering the figure.


Celebrity Stylist – Toni Ferrara – who has been dressing up celebrities such as Kate Beckinsale, Kim Kardashian, and Matthew McConaughey, favours the classic crop top for people with an hourglass figure.


Inverted Triangle


Are your shoulders wider than the hips? If so, you have an inverted triangle figure. Colour is the key to balancing this type of shape proportionately. Ferrara recommends staying dark on top with a pop of colour detail in the centre. This will help visually shrink your broad shoulders and draw the eyes to the centre of the body. Going bright on the bottom will create more definition and width.


Of course, you should wear active clothing that is looser around the shoulders so you can perform comfortably. Local fitness trainers point out that comfort is vital for optimal performance.




The pear is the very opposite of an inverted triangle shape. These people have a smaller bust with a large hip circumference. With the trend of making activewear not only functional but also stylish, different age groups are also taking an interest in finding out the perfect fit for them.


For example, look at Kim Kardashian and J. Lo! Ferrara recommends a bright-coloured or printed sports bra to highlight this body type. This will create an illusion of a balance from the bust to the hips.




An apple body shape includes a large bust, full midsection, and narrow hips. For example, look at Rebel Wilson! Personal trainers Geelong recommend activewear that allows you to move freely. This sort of suit isn’t too constricting around the waist. A V-neck will help open up the airways for your bust. Wearing a Capri-length bottom with a nice pop of colour will help draw attention downwards.


Full Bust


Support in the bra area is critical for a full bust figure. The high-neck halter is Ferrara’s go-to sports bra for gals with this type of figure. This activewear is not only stylish but also provides the right level of support, making it ideal for running, yoga, cross-training, and any other exercise you plan to include in your routine. This type of activewear makes really great layering pieces under a racerback tank top–allowing you to enjoy a Geelong gym membership better!




A smaller frame under 5-feet and 3 inches are defined as petite. A petite frame can still have an apple, pear, straight, or hourglass shape. A sports bra with thinner straps is the best to flatter a small frame. Adding a bulky strap can make a petite frame look disproportionate. Most brands of activewear have a petite length when choosing leggings. If you want to elongate the shape of your bottom half, look for a legging with a stripe down the side to the length of the garment. It will visually add inches to your petite frame.


Now that you have an idea about what to look for, it’s time to start working out!



The right activewear can also do so much. Geelong fitness coaches remind everyone that not all workout routines are suitable for everyone. It is crucial to get a fitness consultation from a professional fitness coach so that they can tailor a workout ideal for your capacities. For a more holistic approach, also get a nutrition consultation.



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