Trainer Profiles

  • Tim Leposa (CEO)

    Tim is the CEO of Fit For Living, having started the revolutionary business with his wife, Amy, in 2006. Spurred by a passion to create holistic, total health and well being centres that offer complete transformational solutions to people – mental, physical and spiritual – Fit For Living has grown to become the leading Personal Training business in Geelong. Read More

    A business mind, Tim is a VIP at NPE Fitness Business Coaching and develops Fit For Living around trusted, credentialed and renowned business principles. Adding to his own credentials as a fitness business leader, Tim has completed Certificate IV Personal Training, Certificate IV Community Health Presenter, Certificate IV Weight Management and continues to study under world-leading Precision Nutrition coaches.

    “I’m dedicated to spending my life to the cause of holistic health development, and to impact as many people as possible through setting up these social enterprises worldwide, with Fit For Living Geelong being the first!”
  • Nathanael McEwen
    BScApp(HMS) GDipEd(PE)

    Nat has over 15 years experience in training, teaching and studying within the exercise physiology and physical education fields.

    Having completed a Bachelor of Applied Science – Human Movement (2001) a Graduate Diploma in Education (2005), and currently studying another Bachelor of Science (2016-), Nat has developed a thorough knowledge of exercise physiology and communication methods. Read More

    Spending over a decade as the Head of Physical Education and Director of Sport at Covenant College, Nat has an extensive teaching background, and his effectiveness to instruct and teach drives much of his Personal Training. Accommodating experience as a competitive bodybuilder as well as a Sport Nutrition Specialist completes a comprehensive knowledge base.

    Nat joined Fit For Living in 2017 and has been able to quickly impact the training outcomes of dozens of clients. Specialising in Strength & Conditioning and Body Composition, Nat applies unique and advanced training and coaching methodologies to achieve results with his clients.

    “The capacity to dramatically alter one’s physiology – neurologically, biochemically and compositionally - and to come to understand its design and its purpose, are adaptations and learning worth pursuing with genuine intent. But to concurrently develop work ethic, self-sacrifice, and resilience whilst having humility tested, support networks grown, friendships formed and character forged, is an even higher path to walk.”
  • George Fallaw
    BHlthSci DipRM DFit

    At just 23 years of age, George has completed a Bachelor of Secondary Health, Physical and Biology Science Education (Deakin University), a Diploma of Remedial Massage (RMIT), a Diploma of Fitness (VFA), and is currently completing an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy (RMIT). His theoretical knowledge base is extensive his ability provide precise, accurate and constructive feedback to his clients is noteworthy. Read More

    George has an athletic background as extensive as his academic. George played football for the Geelong Falcons as a Junior Footballer (2010-2011) and was selected to the Vic Country State Squad. He is also a track athlete, sprinting for the Chilwell Athletics Club, but also pushed himself to run distance, and completed his first marathon at the Great Ocean Road Marathon in 2016.

    George has a genuine and honest passion for health and fitness, and an equal desire and ability to communicate and transfer this passion to his clients. George specialises in Injury Rehabilitation, Remedial Massage, Strength & Conditioning and Athletic Development.

    “Health and Fitness aren’t just my chosen areas of study; I truly believe each day can be influenced in an extremely positive manner through physical training. Desirable and positive outcomes are not always in our control, but our reaction and our response to our stimuli’s are always within our power. Engaging in physical activity will always result in a small victory…even on the toughest of days.”
  • Mandy Mazarire
    MClinExP, BSpSc, DipHSc

    Mandy is Fit For Living’s resident Exercise Physiologist and Rehabilitation specialist. Having completed a Masters of Clinic Exercise Physiology (2016) through Australian Catholic University, and a Bachelor of Sports Science and Exercise (2013) through Deakin University, Mandy is well credentialed in her field. Read More

    Before joining Fit For Living in 2016, Mandy accrued extensive experience working as an exercise physiologist at Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, Monash Health Rehabilitation Centre, PACE Health Management, and Spinal Cord Injury Australia.

    Mandy applies her broad and advanced skill set to a diverse demographic of people with special needs, chronic injury, and disability. No challenge is too difficult or Mandy, and the success stories that have come directly from her treatment are growing exponentially. Anyone who knows Mandy knows her caring, friendly and empathetic heart. She entered this field with the purpose of being a source of help to others, and she has done exactly that.

    Mandy specialises in Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention, Stability Training, Reduction of Falls Risk, and Managing Disability.

    “Life is what you make of it, and with the right support you can be anything you dream of.”
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I can’t believe how in-depth the nutritional advice provided was. I used to exercise A LOT and wasn’t getting the results. It wasn’t until I started eating right that I got awesome results! I really thought I knew what ‘eating right’ was, but little did I know! Thanks Tim and Fit for Living – you seriously know your stuff.
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