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Active Mums Group Fitness - bring your kids! Starts 1st September

FINALLY! A solution for Mums who want to GET BACK INTO SHAPE and bring the kids along!


Do you want to…

  • Lose unwanted pre and post-natal body fat
  • Increase your fitness and energy levels
  • Prevent Post-natal Depression
  • Forget about the babysitter – bring your baby/child with you
  • Reach peak performance and optimal health
  • Join other mums and make new friends in a fun, supportive environment
  • Strengthen core muscles and bones (great for new mums and mums with small children)

Choose from any of our flexible membership options below.

4 months
8 months
12 months
Only $36/week Only $33/week Only $30/week $18/session

Child minding costs

Only $4 for each child per session, and $2 for each additional child thereafter per family.
No payment required if parent confirms child does not require minding or baby remains in pram for entire session.

Active Mums Group Fitness offers:

  • Workouts designed specifically for mums and mums-to-be
  • Access to our highly-skilled and motivating trainers
  • Comfortable indoor environment
  • Child minder certified with Working With Children card
  • Your choice of DVDs: Gut Health OR Weight Loss
  • 20% OFF our Community Education Workshops

Our Active Mums say…

Being a mum of 3, with the kids around all the time, I was SO GLAD to find a group where I could exercise and bring my kids along. I only had around 5kgs to lose, and through the nutrition support and fun sessions, I have reached my goal weight!

Allana Weise

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