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Change your mindset, change your body!

With out a strong enough reason why you want to change something (eg your weight) you will find it hard to make long lasting changes. Be clear on the reason why you want to change something, write it down! An example of a strong why would be, I want to be able to run around... Read more

Can your personal trainer really help with health and weight?

Hey there folks! Tim Leposa here from Geelong’s Fit For Living Personal Training and Nutrition! In today’s blog I wanted to share something I really passionate about!…… I’m really interested in people’s health!  Most people come to us wanting changes to their body so they can look good, but when you dig a little deeper... Read more

Geelong Personal Training blog: Poison in our meat

Hey everyone! Today I want to share something from Professor Walter Veith who I think is one of the world’s health experts! A lot of us are becoming more and more health conscious these days and we want all of our hard training to compliment our diet if we are looking for optimal health! Have... Read more

10 Personal Training tips to help you strip fat

When stripping away fat, you also want to maximize your existing muscle tissue. If you don’t, you will risk losing fat and muscle as you shed pounds, and end up thinner but with an unathletic physique. Don’t use resistance training as a “calorie or fat burn.” Instead, continue to train normally in the gym, pushing... Read more

Becoming a Personal Trainer in Geelong

Hey there folks! So I thought maybe it would be cool to share a little bit of my testimony on why I became a Personal trainer in Geelong! Well for starters I was already living in Geelong when I made the choice to become one. It was 2005 when I was training at a gym... Read more

Putting First Things First!

Have you ever heard of the 7 habits of highly effective people? It’s a great read or listen! One of the great lessons  is “Putting first things first.” In the lesson is speaks about the quadrant of life. There are 4 parts of the quadrant. Things that are important and urgent, important but not urgent,... Read more

5 Steps to Achieving your Health and Fitness Goals!

You may have tried different programs like Personal training, boot camps, group training weight loss programs and more. The truth is you need to take a holistic approach. Here’s a great formula for achieving your health and fitness goals! 1) Define your goals – Know what you want (goals) – Know why the goals are... Read more

Truth About Carbs

There is so much confusion these days on should we eat carbs and if so how much and which kind. When I first became Personal trainer in Geelong I was taught that we should eat a high protein and low carb diet if you were wanting to lose weight. Well it wasn’t until I did... Read more

Targeted Fat Loss training.

If you are like me I would be hoping you would want to be getting the best return on your Investment from EVERY Workout! So when you are organizing a workout or looking for a group training or boot camp membership you should first research to see if you will get maximum returns on your... Read more

Personal Training

Hey gang! Tim Leposa here talking about Personal fitness training today. Is Personal fitness training in Geelong becoming a craze? Over the past 8 years Geelong has had a craze of Personal fitness trainers in Geelong! When I started out as a trainer over 7 years ago Personal fitness trainers  were very few in number.... Read more