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2nd Day of Christmas

 12 weeks of unlimited group training for you and your friend for only $310 each. MORE THAN 25% off!!! ($432 value). Weekly payments available Only 7 Packages up for grabs! Please quote the code 9Days2014 when claiming this offer Targeted Fat Loss group training is the quickest, easiest and most FUN way to kick start... Read more

1st Day of Christmas

It’s Christmas and we have a stack of Christmas Gifts for clients and friends of Fit For Living!!  $1,472 total or $29 per week for an Unlimited ALL ACCESS 12 month Targeted Fat Loss group fitness training Membership, (Save up to $400!)  Only 5 available. (Offer code is 10Days2014 – please quote when claiming offer.) This... Read more
Happy family preparing healthy food

What foods should you eat to lose weight and have optimal health?

In my 9 years as a personal trainer in Geelong I have trained and coached many people! Almost 90% of my Personal training clients have a goal to lose weight. I like to educate people that if their goal is to lose weight that they should also do it safely and aim to have optimal... Read more

Fitness for Christmas and 21 day eating cleanse!!

Who?? YOU!  (Places are limited to 20!!) What?? 21 day fitness and clean eating blitz When?? Starts Wed 4th of December, until Tues 24th Dec Where?? Geelong waterfront locations, 6pm Mon, Wed and Thurs and 6.15am Tues, Thurs and Fri   Why??  Detox your system, tone up your body and get ready for the holidays! Includes: 3 weeks of... Read more

Leopold Personal Training

Attention Leopold and the Bellarine!  From One of Geelong’s Most Respected and In-Demand Personal Trainers, Over the last 9 years Responsible For Helping Hundreds of Geelong Residents From All Walks of life shed BODY FAT and reclaim their health and LIFE!!! Watch Your Body Transform In Just 6 Weeks. Look And Feel Better Than You Ever... Read more

Change your mindset, change your body!

With out a strong enough reason why you want to change something (eg your weight) you will find it hard to make long lasting changes. Be clear on the reason why you want to change something, write it down! An example of a strong why would be, I want to be able to run around... Read more

Can your personal trainer really help with health and weight?

Hey there folks! Tim Leposa here from Geelong’s Fit For Living Personal Training and Nutrition! In today’s blog I wanted to share something I really passionate about!…… I’m really interested in people’s health!  Most people come to us wanting changes to their body so they can look good, but when you dig a little deeper... Read more

Geelong Personal Training blog: Poison in our meat

Hey everyone! Today I want to share something from Professor Walter Veith who I think is one of the world’s health experts! A lot of us are becoming more and more health conscious these days and we want all of our hard training to compliment our diet if we are looking for optimal health! Have... Read more

10 Personal Training tips to help you strip fat

When stripping away fat, you also want to maximize your existing muscle tissue. If you don’t, you will risk losing fat and muscle as you shed pounds, and end up thinner but with an unathletic physique. Don’t use resistance training as a “calorie or fat burn.” Instead, continue to train normally in the gym, pushing... Read more

Becoming a Personal Trainer in Geelong

Hey there folks! So I thought maybe it would be cool to share a little bit of my testimony on why I became a Personal trainer in Geelong! Well for starters I was already living in Geelong when I made the choice to become one. It was 2005 when I was training at a gym... Read more