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Putting First Things First!

Have you ever heard of the 7 habits of highly effective people? It’s a great read or listen! One of the great lessons  is “Putting first things first.” In the lesson is speaks about the quadrant of life. There are 4 parts of the quadrant. Things that are important and urgent, important but not urgent,... Read more

5 Steps to Achieving your Health and Fitness Goals!

You may have tried different programs like Personal training, boot camps, group training weight loss programs and more. The truth is you need to take a holistic approach. Here’s a great formula for achieving your health and fitness goals! 1) Define your goals – Know what you want (goals) – Know why the goals are... Read more

Truth About Carbs

There is so much confusion these days on should we eat carbs and if so how much and which kind. When I first became Personal trainer in Geelong I was taught that we should eat a high protein and low carb diet if you were wanting to lose weight. Well it wasn’t until I did... Read more

Targeted Fat Loss training.

If you are like me I would be hoping you would want to be getting the best return on your Investment from EVERY Workout! So when you are organizing a workout or looking for a group training or boot camp membership you should first research to see if you will get maximum returns on your... Read more

Personal Training

Hey gang! Tim Leposa here talking about Personal fitness training today. Is Personal fitness training in Geelong becoming a craze? Over the past 8 years Geelong has had a craze of Personal fitness trainers in Geelong! When I started out as a trainer over 7 years ago Personal fitness trainers  were very few in number.... Read more

Exercises for mums with babies

Hey mums! Wanting to get back that pre baby body? Are you finding it hard to exercise as you are always looking after the baby? Why not incorporate some training with the baby! These exercises can be done three times a week with your baby. It works all of the major muscles in the body,... Read more

Thought about having a slim body for summer! Wouldn’t you LOVE to do it in just 6 weeks???

YOU CAN!!!….. in the 6 week SLIM FOR CHRISTMAS TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE!!! 6 Weeks of group fitness 7 group training sessions available a week (morning and night) WIN  a TROPICAL QLD TRIP for 2 for the best transformation Be motivated by the BEST PT trainers Expert Nutrition, and Performance coaching lectures Receive a Nutrition Plan that... Read more

An important key to any goal for body change

One of the things that excites me to see in my personal training clients, is not seeing them training hard (although that does matter). It’s seeing them change their eating habits! One of the biggest keys to doing this is planning and preparation. It’s great to have the knowledge of what to eat to change... Read more

6 Week Transformation Challenge Are you struggling to fit into your clothes? Sick of not feeling good? Do you lack motivation to exercise and eat right? I feel your pain!

My name is Tim Leposa, owner of Fit for living personal training and nutrition! I also used to struggle with my weight and not knowing what foods to eat. It took many years of research for me to find out how to get ideal results and to actually enjoy exercise. I wish that back then... Read more

Self Checklist

Here is a great self checklist for changing your body shape and achieving optimal health! 1. How many intense workouts did you complete last week? 2. How many meals have you consumed today? When did you last eat? 3. Did each meal contain a complete protein source? 4. How many of your meals contain vegetables?... Read more