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Benefits of Boot Camps

Exercising alone can be difficult for some. One of the biggest benefits of boot camps or group training is the extra motivation you get from fellow like minded people looking to either lose weight increase their fitness or health. Another great reason to join a boot camp or group training session would be that most... Read more

Why am I not losing weight?

Sorry!!! It’s been a long time between blogs! Thought I would answer this question that has come up a couple of times recently: I am doing heaps of training but not losing any weight! Why aren’t I losing weight? First thing you need to know that there are a few variables to weight loss. One... Read more

Do you HATE that you don’t have your IDEAL body shape and health?

Do you struggle to know what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat? Is preparing your meals for the week an issue because you “JUST don’t have the TIME!”? Do you think eating healthy is expensive? Wouldn’t you LOVE to know how to eat for optimal health?!?! Do you desire to have... Read more

April Challenge

I feel your pain! My name is Tim Leposa, owner of Fit for living personal training and nutrition! I also used to struggle with my weight and not knowing what foods to eat. It took many years of research for me to find out how to get ideal results and to actually enjoy exercise. I... Read more

6 Week Summer Transformation Challenge:

For an Amazingly low Investment you can ACTUALLY fulfill your New Year’s Resolution to get Fit and lean Next Year! Do You normally put on weight over Christmas or feel YUK sitting at the beach because you didn’t get the body that you wanted? Well Starting Jan 30 you can turn it all around and... Read more

Spring Weight Loss Challenge Geelong

Fast Fat Loss Increased fitness Better Health Life skills on how to eat for optimal Health Longevity Fit For Living has been tailor making programs to help the community achieve the things they long for through a holistic look at nutrition and exercise. Our very popular and results proven “WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGES” have been changing... Read more

6 week winter weight loss challenge!!!

We have run 2 challengers this year with great results and we are tweaking the program again for you to get even better fat loss and fitness results. Why should you be a part of the 6 week Winter Challenge? Here are a couple of reasons why!       *  The workouts and nutrition are designed... Read more

What is HOPE?

My name is Sarah Rowe and the famous Kokoda trek has been on my ‘to do’ list for a long while. Now the time just seems right for me to tackle this challenge. I had the idea that I would like to raise some awaresness and money for a charity that I have a real... Read more

Are you ready to take on our 6 week Targeted Fat Loss Challenge?

Are you struggling to keep off unwanted kilos? Do you find it hard to know what to eat and when? Do you want: Guaranteed weight loss? Your body transformed? A personalized nutrition plan that get results? Expert motivation and guidance along the way? Fit For Living’s “6 week Targeted Fat Loss Challenge” offers you all... Read more

New Years lean and healthy 30 day solution challenge!

Tim Leposa from Fit For Living here! I am excited about our NEW 30 day solution challenge! At least 90% of us – including me – want to make this year the one where we get into our best shape, and feel great with the best health possible. So the reason I am so exited... Read more