Mandy Mazarire

Mandy is Fit For Living’s resident Exercise Physiologist and Rehabilitation specialist. Having completed a Masters of Clinic Exercise Physiology (2016) through Australian Catholic University, and a Bachelor of Sports Science and Exercise (2013) through Deakin University, Mandy is well credentialed in her field.

Before joining Fit For Living in 2016, Mandy accrued extensive experience working as an exercise physiologist at Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, Monash Health Rehabilitation Centre, PACE Health Management, and Spinal Cord Injury Australia.

Mandy applies her broad and advanced skill set to a diverse demographic of people with special needs, chronic injury, and disability. No challenge is too difficult or Mandy, and the success stories that have come directly from her treatment are growing exponentially. Anyone who knows Mandy knows her caring, friendly and empathetic heart. She entered this field with the purpose of being a source of help to others, and she has done exactly that.

Mandy specialises in Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention, Stability Training, Reduction of Falls Risk, and Managing Disability.