Nathanael McEwen

Nat has over 15 years experience in training, teaching and studying within the exercise physiology and physical education fields.

Having completed a Bachelor of Applied Science – Human Movement (2001) a Graduate Diploma in Education (2005), and currently studying another Bachelor of Science (2016-), Nat has developed a thorough knowledge of exercise physiology and communication methods.

Spending over a decade as the Head of Physical Education and Director of Sport at Covenant College, Nat has an extensive teaching background, and his effectiveness to instruct and teach drives much of his Personal Training. Accommodating experience as a competitive bodybuilder as well as a Sport Nutrition Specialist completes a comprehensive knowledge base.

Nat joined Fit For Living in 2017 and has been able to quickly impact the training outcomes of dozens of clients. Specialising in Strength & Conditioning and Body Composition, Nat applies unique and advanced training and coaching methodologies to achieve results with his clients.