After 20 years in a family business (now retired from), I made the decision to take on Personal Training, primarily, because I knew I needed to place some structure and purpose back into my life. Since joining Fit For Living I now have so much more energy and my confidence in myself has been restored. I now enjoy the challenge of how far I can push my mind & body. A big bonus is that my family reaped the benefits too, with the organised meal plan that was put in place. When I started this process, it was never about the weight loss – although looking back I am grateful for the hard work that I put in as I have so far lost 9cm from my hips & 8.5cm from my waist. Fit for Living is exactly what it states. We change one day at a time. I still enjoy life and what it has to offer, and reap the small daily rewards at the same time. I have now just signed up for another 12 weeks (yes, 4 days a week), This life may just be addictive!!!!! I congratulate Tim and his team for the passion they exude. I recommend this to anyone that wants to change their life. it’s without question Amazing & beyond doubt worth it.