The 66 day challenge at Fit for Living has completely changed my life! The vibe at Fit for Living is like no other gym I’ve been to, not for once have I felt bad about myself or my body in this place, there is nothing but encouragement, support and fun. The people in group sessions lift and push me harder and each week there’s something new to keep me interested. Then there’s the trainers. Nat McEwen has helped me unpack a lifetime of negative thoughts about fitness and unleashed the determination I apply to every other part of my life. Nat’s energy drives us and his empathy and innovation ensures he tweaks and changes things to keep us all on the right path. Personal Training and Group with Nat and the team have helped me achieve beyond any expectations. Then there’s the nutrition advice. Not a diet!! Some simple things to switch around that allow me to live a real life and lose weight without stressing and feeling like I’m missing out. A plan for life beyond 66 days! Thanks to Tim, Nat and the team at Fit for Living I hit over target on all of my goals and I want to just keep going. This is how I live now. Thank you and I’ll see you at the gym!