Fit for Living Blog

Louise Badr

Through group training with Tim, I have learnt how to: give myself more energy; improve my health; and, find a general balance. It is a great way to get quick results in a supportive and encouraging environment. I would definitely recommend Fit for Living to anyone. Read more

Kellie Mellington

I have been doing group training with Tim at Fit for Living since August 2009 and I have lost 10kg. I love going, it’s friendly and you meet some great people, who are there for the same reasons. I just want to keep fit and healthy and I know Tim is there to help me... Read more


For years I’ve been trying to lose weight. I’ve spent hundreds of hours in the gym, doing classes and generally slogging it out. I have had body change, but NEVER weight loss. I’ve tried Low Fat, Low Calorie diets and felt that the only way to lose weight was to always be hungry but food... Read more

Sonja Verschuren

I took part in my first group training session with Fit For Living and it was awesome …I’ve now completed three weeks, and the instructors are so encouraging and motivating. The group training provides great energy, is very encouraging, and is such a fun and motivating start to the day. Read more

Gosha Rakiej

I’m encouraged, I’m championed, I’m welcomed! Fit For Living Group Training is an incredible community. I feel better, not just because of the training, but because I’m connected in with these people. The Group Training sessions are phenomenal for that reason Read more


Really enjoy the sessions. With so many to chose from. No two work outs are ever the same and the group are very supportive. Have never felt so healthy and the nutritional advice is helping me lose weight. Read more


I was somewhat apprehensive about signing up for the 66 day challenge, but I shouldn’t have been worried. I have often struggled with motivation to stick at going to gyms, or have not had the motivation to work hard enough to get results, but this time around, I pushed myself hard, and took the nutritional... Read more


Highly recommend the group training Fit for Living have some amazing trainers and look forward to the sessions everynight. Tims nutrition coaching has also taught me so much and helped me to create a healthy balanced diet along with the knowledge. Read more


As an Accountant juggling our busiest time of the year along with our first baby who’s under 12 months I’d have never thought I could manage to lose 9kgs in the space of 4 weeks. Thanks Tim and your team for the coaching and education on the nutrition front I’ve been able to achieve this.... Read more