Group Training Testimonials

These are testimonials we’ve received from our Group Training clients
  • I can’t believe how in-depth the nutritional advice provided was. I used to exercise A LOT and wasn’t getting the results. It wasn’t until I started eating right that I got awesome results! I really thought I knew what ‘eating right’ was, but little did I know! Thanks Tim and Fit for Living – you seriously know your stuff.

    - Sam Correia
  • Fit for living has been the perfect support I needed to helping me achieve my health and fitness goals. A busy lifestyle of working Mum provided many excuses to not put health and fitness high on my priority list. It is easy to put the needs of the children, my work, my husband and family and friends before myself. Finally I have a holistic approach to nutrition and exercise and can fit healthy eating and exercise into my busy lifestyle. Sam, my Personal Trainer, has provided excellent support, education and encouragement. The flexible training hours and locations were perfect for my needs. Tim’s nutrition education enabled me to have an educated approach to eating rather than dieting. Finally I feel like I have got all the elements correct, they work and I am super happy with my new level of fitness.

    - Elisha
  • What motivated me to start a program was that I had been putting so much of my time into work, family and friends that I had been ignoring my own health and wellbeing. My original target (in joining Fit for Living) was driven purely by weight loss, but now I really enjoy strength training and trying to improve my numbers on the PB board. These days I’m much fitter and definitely stronger – I feel healthier, I sleep better, I have more energy and (at the risk of sounding conceited) I think I look better too! Vernon and I get along really well – he knows what I am capable of (much better than I do) and he is very good at pushing me to make sure I work hard to get the best results. For anyone sitting on the fence, I’d say go for it. I was surprised how quickly and how much I began to enjoy my sessions, a sentiment I’ve heard echoed by other clients.

    - Allen
  • I highly recommend Fit for Living for anyone who is ready to make a positive lifestyle change. It is a safe environment which allows any fitness level to reach their goals and maintain them. Fit for Living take a wholistic approach to fitness – exercise, food and mind.
    I personally train with Vernon, who is the one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. His gentle approach assists me in building my confidence and knowledge in what it is to live a healthy lifestyle. He is motivating and ensures that I understand what each session entails and why.

    If you are looking for a gym that you feel comfortable in and a trainer who is just eager to reach your goals as you are, then you’ve found the right place.

    - Kristy
  • Tim and the team at fit for living take a natural and holistic approach to fitness and wellness, when looking for a trainer this was something that was very important to me. As a nurse and nutrition student I know that there are no quick fixes, Tim has enabled me to improve my fitness, lose weight, develop more regular exercise habits and improve my overall health.

    - Tiffany
  • The 66 day challenge at Fit for Living has completely changed my life! The vibe at Fit for Living is like no other gym I’ve been to, not for once have I felt bad about myself or my body in this place, there is nothing but encouragement, support and fun. The people in group sessions lift and push me harder and each week there’s something new to keep me interested. Then there’s the trainers. Nat McEwen has helped me unpack a lifetime of negative thoughts about fitness and unleashed the determination I apply to every other part of my life. Nat’s energy drives us and his empathy and innovation ensures he tweaks and changes things to keep us all on the right path. Personal Training and Group with Nat and the team have helped me achieve beyond any expectations. Then there’s the nutrition advice. Not a diet!! Some simple things to switch around that allow me to live a real life and lose weight without stressing and feeling like I’m missing out. A plan for life beyond 66 days! Thanks to Tim, Nat and the team at Fit for Living I hit over target on all of my goals and I want to just keep going. This is how I live now. Thank you and I’ll see you at the gym!

    - Melissa
  • As a chiropractor and a health care educator I believe that professionalism and quality understand of the human frame is paramount and Tim and the guys at fit for living are amazing. I have now sent a number of clients to these guys and they have got nothing but great things to say about the entire team. I will continue to send those that need it to Fit for living. I love all that you stand for.

    - TheIn8Life
  • I have been training with Fit for Living for around 3 months now and am achieving things I never knew I could. I had a shoulder reco previously and they have adapted everything to ensure it’s safe for me which was a big priority!! The trainers are all so nice and helpful and they go out of their way to help you achieve your goals!! The ad hoc free group training sessions add an extra boost to the training programs. It’s affordable and so worthwhile!! I’ve signed up for a year and I know I’ll continue after that to help cement my fit new lifestyle!! Best training company I’ve ever dealt with.

    - Jess
  • When I started at Fit for Living I was tired all the time and would struggle with energy levels, particularly later in the day. I wasn’t sleeping as well as I used to, and was struggling to fit in to my favourite clothes. I was disorganised when it came to planning and prepping meals, and would often end up just getting take away. The nutrition sessions with Tim were really helpful, and combined with my PT sessions with Dan a.k.a. “The Faz” were great (but very challenging at first!). It took me a few months to get my diet right but Dan helped me at every step of the way. I felt that I could be open and honest with him and that he would help me rather than judging me. I now feel as if I have made a major lifestyle change. I have lost a substantial amount of weight, I’m feeling great, and it’s already time to update my wardrobe! I know that I still have a long way to go, but I am confident that I’m moving in the right direction. I no longer struggle with energy levels and feel better than I have for years!

    - Robert
  • After 20 years in a family business (now retired from), I made the decision to take on Personal Training, primarily, because I knew I needed to place some structure and purpose back into my life. Since joining Fit For Living I now have so much more energy and my confidence in myself has been restored. I now enjoy the challenge of how far I can push my mind & body. A big bonus is that my family reaped the benefits too, with the organised meal plan that was put in place. When I started this process, it was never about the weight loss – although looking back I am grateful for the hard work that I put in as I have so far lost 9cm from my hips & 8.5cm from my waist. Fit for Living is exactly what it states. We change one day at a time. I still enjoy life and what it has to offer, and reap the small daily rewards at the same time. I have now just signed up for another 12 weeks (yes, 4 days a week), This life may just be addictive!!!!! I congratulate Tim and his team for the passion they exude. I recommend this to anyone that wants to change their life. it’s without question Amazing & beyond doubt worth it.

    - De’arne
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