Geelong Gym Membership

Don’t be another Gym member statistic that doesn’t get results!

Did you know that over 80% of people that have a gym membership don’t use it and over 95% of people who join a gym don’t get the results they were looking for!

At Fit For living we care about our members and treat them like family and that’s why we have over 80% of our members attending the gym regularly and they actually get results!

Why? Our personal trainers set goals with you, assess your fitness levels, capabilities and physique and continue to support you and keep you accountable to your goals!

At Fit For Living you WON’T get:

  • Crowded gym area
  • Loud Hardcore music that negatively effects your health
  • Judged by others
  • Forgotten about

You WILL get:

  • Results
  • Community
  • Goal setting and goal reviews
  • Updated 8 week Programs form expert Personal Trainers
  • Instructional guidance
  • Girth and body fat measurements
  • Weigh ins
  • A friendly Gym environment
  • Access to ongoing education on optimal health
  • Easy access to gym equipment
  • Great Functional, Strength and Cardio equipment


Monday -Thursday 5am – 10pm
Friday/ Sunday 5am – 7pm
Saturday CLOSED


9am- 6pm

9am -5pm

Action leads to results

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Through group training with Tim, I have learnt how to: give myself more energy; improve my health; and, find a general balance. Read More

It is a great way to get quick results in a supportive and encouraging environment. I would definitely recommend Fit for Living to anyone.

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