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Geelong's Newest Gym!

Unlike 97% of people who get gym memberships and fail to get the results they really want, our gym memberships offer STRUCTURE, ACCOUNTABILITY, REGULAR GOALS and ASSESSMENTS plus WORKOUTS are ALL PLANNED FOR YOU!!!

Fit For Living now has its very own Lifestyle Transformation Centre in centrally located 37 Mercer St GEELONG.

Our personal training and wellness expertise has seen so much success that we now have a hub in the CBD for our valued clients and other like-minded souls to meet and hang out in!

As a Gym member, you get unlimited access to our new Lifestyle Transformation Centre. Workout, relax, and grow your soul in an environment designed with your wellbeing in mind!

Don’t go for gyms with heavy pounding music that affect your mental state of mind and your health. We play music that’s good for your soul, beneficial to your health and scientifically proven to be better for your mental state.

“Sound has a direct influence on our human biology and thus influences our health.” – Dr Hans Jenny

We provide quality, top of the range equipment, but it’s not just about the fancy equipment. Our key to success is in our professional service delivery – we give you personal attention, with Personal Training included in all gym memberships.

Accountability is the key to success!

Unlike other gyms where you are treated like just another number, our members are provided with special attention to their health program.

You will be provided with instruction on how to do the exercises, we set goals with you and then there is regular follow up to assess your progress and set new goals, to make sure you’re on track.


Sunday-Thursday 24 hours
Friday open until 6PM
Saturday CLOSED
Monday-Friday 6am – 9am
11am – 2pm
4pm – 7pm

Action leads to results

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