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  • Sick of how you look and feel?
  • Tired of dieting and not getting results?
  • Lacking motivation or a clear direction?
  • Ready to get off the couch and make the change?
  • 100% money back satisfaction guarantee!

What you need is Fit for Living Nutrition Coaching.

Fit for Living Nutrition Coaching is a science-based nutrition program that teaches you how to best nourish your body to achieve maximum fat loss and fitness.

It’s NOT about eating lettuce, counting calories or being hungry. YOU WILL NOT FEEL HUNGRY following our science-based approach. The key is eating the right food at the right time!

There are no catches, no special soups or fads. Fit for Living Nutrition Coaches will work with you individually to show you a program that involves good, wholesome foods that you will enjoy. It’s not about denying, it’s all in the TIMING!


Combine Fit for Living Nutrition Coaching with our science-based Targeted Fat Loss Fitness group training or Personal Training workouts and you WILL achieve the results you’ve always dreamed of.

To maximise your nutrition coaching you can also do Fit For Living Personal Fitness Training gives you one-on-one attention and is the best way to get AMAZING RESULTS IN THE SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME.

The major benefits of having a Fit for Living personal trainer are:

  • Training sessions are customised to suit your goals and fitness level.
  • One-on-one support improves motivation and speeds up results.
  • Good technique is so important to ensure you’re working the right muscles, while protecting your body from injury. Fit for Living workouts are safely effective.
  • Flexibility. We all have very busy lives and having a Fit for Living personal trainer allows you to book workouts around YOUR schedule and exercise when you have spare time.
  • Nutrition coaching is one on one or group coaching. Its an individualised nutrition coaching program where you catch up once a week with a Fit For Living nutrition specialist and week by week, over a couple of months, learn different nutrition topics which are designed to help you put lifelong changes of health, body changes and performance in place. Results will be guaranteed and for the rest of your life you will know exactly what to eat, when and how much.
  • It is a fully customised accountability system, which means working with your Fit For Living nutrition coach you will have your daily and weekly meals monitored to ensure you set the life changes and lasting results.

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Is Fat Loss your priority?

Then you need to check out Fit for Living’s Targeted Fat Loss Fitness program – a science based exercise prescription that actually targets burning body fat.

Do you think that any exercise burns fat? Wrong! To burn fat exercise must be structured in a certain way to maximise results. Our Targeted Fat Loss Workouts incorporate four phases:

  1. Strength building – to maintain muscle mass which is the engine to fat burning.
  2. Transition zone – builds lactic acid in the muscle to produce muscle growth and burn extra calories.
  3. Metabolic zone – burns up a ton of calories, ramps up metabolism for the next 38 hours and releases fatty acids into the blood stream, which can then be targeted to burn fat.
  4. Aerobic – is the post exercise that targets the fat burning from the prior release of fatty acids into the bloodstream?

Want to know more about Fit for Living Nutrition Coaching, Personal Fitness Training or Targeted Fat Loss Fitness?

Or see our Online Nutrition program – Fit for Living’s incredible online nutrition tool that plans menus, records food intake and support you every step of the way throughout your fat loss journey.

Fit for Living also hosts Group Training and Corporate Fitness Training. Find out more about our programs in our FAQs and learn about our quality instructors in About Us.

Isn’t it time you did something to improve your health and self esteem?


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