Before joining Fit for Living I had a hand and forearm injury for 8 years that took a big toll on me physically and mentally. I could not participate in sports or activities, I lost my confidence and motivation, and have been in and out of work because of it. Then my best friend brought me a Fit for Living program and gave me the motivation and encouragement I was lacking for 8 years. Now I play sport 3 times a week and do PT sessions 2-3 days a week, because of her and the Fit for Living crew.

I have trained with Nathan, Tim and Genna and between all 3 of them I have achieved more than what I thought I was capable of, which is exactly what I wanted out of joining Fit for Living. I have dropped massive cm’s over my total body (ie. hips 96cm – 83cm) and gained muscle and fitness that allow me to do everything I’m doing right now. I started at 64.8 kg and I weigh in now at 57kg. To anyone who is sitting on the fence and considering joining, I say just do it, no excuses. It is hard work but the result will make you feel unstoppable!