Shayne Sullivan Myotherapist – Geelong Natural Therapies; Lecturer – Victorian Fitness Academy (VFA Learning)

Tim and his capable, highly motivated instructors, Ryan and Sam have made a welcome difference in my training program. I’m a Myotherapist with a very busy practice, with people working for me and loaded with teaching responsibilities, I need to be fit, injury free and able to handle my daily stress loads. Even though I am a trained PT I still need the motivation and encouragement from others who really enjoy what they do and are dedicated to delivering a quality service. Fit For Living trainers tick all the boxes for me. The training sessions are fun (I won’t do them if they’re not), welcoming, challenging and directed for each person to achieve their goals. I have had a lot of trainers in the past. I have found Tim’s team to be highly professional, which means they’re on time and ready for the session, they have planned what they’re going to do and they are on the lookout for any extra assistance or encouragement where needed. Ryan, Sam and Tim are all positive people and they expect you to keep your end of the training agreement.”

Thanks again I enjoyed and benefitted from every minute!